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  • The Legionary series, as mentioned in The Celator, Oct. 2005
  • Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus was made Augustus shortly after the accession of his father, Valerian, in 253 CE. After his father's capture in 259 by the Sasanian king Shapur, Gallienus instituted a series of military and civic reforms that were successful, however briefly, in defending the empire against Germanic invaders and in encouraging a Neoplatonic "Renaissance." In the midst of a series of victories against a new outbreak of Germanic invasions, Gallienus was murdered by a group of his officers.

    Reviled by patrician historians for his exclusion of Senators from military honors and later vilified by Christian historians willing to ignore and invent facts in order to add "ungrateful son" to Valerian's list of woes, his reputation suffered further when even Julian II took a turn at badmouthing Gallienus in The Caesars.

    In any case, they're all dead now.

    My Coins of Gallienus and Family with or without thumbnails. (In either case, nothing's for sale.) It includes coins in the name of Gallienus, his wife Salonina, and their sons Valerian II and Saloninus.

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    Or, search my Coins of Gallienus and Family:    (using the world's crudest search utility, case insensitive, put phrases in "double-quotes")

    Alternately, some coins of the Republic with or without thumbnails, also not for sale.

    And, another money pit, a very sketchy Imperial Portrait Gallery on the coins of Alexandria with or without thumbnails. Of course, not for sale.

    For added fun, I've got another site, The Attic, where some of my odds and ends are collected.

    Glutton for punishment, I've begun a blog as a place to think aloud about the collection, collecting, &c.

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