Readers' Coins


John Noory sent these nice photos, attributions, and notes:

Gallienus, Cyzikus in Mysia, SNG von Aulock 1287var (bust), Cf. SNG von Aulock 7386 (Valerian); Cf. Mionnet II pg. 551, 242; Cf. SNG Paris 858 (Valerian)
The magistrate mentioned on it is Sostratos. Sostratos served both Valerian and Gallienus

Gallienus, Cyzikus in Mysia, Cf SNG Paris 865, otherwise apparently unpublished
Sostratos again

another one from Cyzicus. Athena standing left, holding Nike and spear. Strategos Asclependios. SNG Cop. 138.

Gallienus, Alexandria Troas, SNG Copenhagen 204

Salonina, Side in Pamphylia, SNG Paris 941 (same obv. die), SNG Aulock 8551 (same dies)

Perga, Pamphylia. Hephaistos (Vulcan) seated on rock, forging the shield of Achilles. Lindgren-Kovacs 1139; SNG PFPS 425,

Gallienus, Tarsus in Cilicia, SNG Paris 1832, Ziegler 833 (834 on plate 44 in error)
Helmeted goddess (Cybele?) riding lion, r., holding phiale and Nike who crowns her

Gallienus, Tyre in Phoenicia, CNG Mail Bid Sale 47, #982; Price & Trell 748 variant
Phoenician Queen Dido supervising the construction of of Carthage with a city-gate and workman to her left. The "E" in Gallienus' name (on the obverse) is retrograde

Gallienus, Tyre in Phoenicia, SNG Righetti 2357; Cf. Lind.-Kovacs 2391 (Valerian)
Hermes-Thoth with papyrus-roll and caduceus standing left; to left, ibis on altar; to right, palm tree with murex-shell above. Per Melville Jones, Thoth was an Egyptian god associated with the moon, who was also the god of wisdom and writing. The Greeks considered him to be nearest to their Hermes and is represented in this form on coins of Tyre

from Tyre in Phoenicia. Athena (or Roma) seated left, holding figure standing on prow in her extended right hand; left hand resting on spear be hind her; shield resting on back of chair. Lindgren-Kovacs 2399; Baramki 296-297.

from Tyre. Kadmos, nude, standing front, head left; in left hand holding transverse spear and chlamys; in right hand phiale; at his feet heiffer lying down. In field above, city gate of Thebes with tower. Baramki 300-301; SNG Righetti 2356.

Salonina, Alexandria, Emmett 3853(13)

from Nicomedia in Bithynia. Reverse depicts city goddess enthroned right holding a neocorate model temple in each hand and another model temple rests on her head. SNG von Aulock 7146.

Heliopolis in Syria. Tyche, facing, between two vexilla. Sear GIC 4623; Lindgren III 1285; SNG Cop. 444.

Helvetica, who maintains this interesting site, sent along this photo of a coin she got in an uncleaned lot.

Gallienus, Rome, Göbl 504f
GALLIENVS AVG, Radiate head right | SECVRIT AVG, Securitas standing facing, head left, leaning on cippa right, hand raised over head left. VI in right field.

Curtis Clay sends along this photo that shows that Göbl 1432, from Siscia, known to Göbl in only a single nearly-illegible example he read as [FELIX ADVENT]VS AVG, is properly read as BONVS AVENTVS AVG (an engraver's mistake, it seems, that omits the D in ADVENTVS):
Thanks to the coin's owner, Beachcomber, a German collector resident in Portugal, who initially posted it on Numismatikforum. He notes that the coin weighs 3.35 g and has 6 o'cl. die axis.